About Me


Hello, and thanks for stopping by! I’m a writer/editor, wife/mom on a hunt for pretty and practical things that don’t hurt the planet and its people. 

I’ve long tried to only buy the most eco-friendly and ethically sourced things, but as a typically busy modern person, with a stubbornly specific sense of style and a generally disorganized nature, I’ve often found it hard to make ethical shopping choices. Luckily, we have more access than ever to goods with traceable origins and modest ecological footprints, made by people and brands that we can feel good about supporting.

I started this site to help get the word out about the best ethical, beautiful and functional goods, and to collect and share the best advice about how we all can buy better, and buy less, without feeling like we’ve sacrificed style or satisfaction. I feature things that are both look great and have a feel-good back story–things that are “lovely x two”!